Quality Assurance

Quality Aim

Our aim is to improve the safety with the experiences of operation and market and enhance the efficiency of our drilling services, while striving to increase rig utilization, through the directives of the Dewan Drilling Quality and Safety Management Systems.

Quality Objectives

To bring the Dewan Drilling on the level of a leading local drilling services company in the oil & gas sector. We always want provides and bring our services up to the standards where we can fulfill the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers.

Quality practice

  • Our effective work procedures and practices help the employees to deliver the Services up to the quality objective as stated above.
  • We empowered our employees and held accountable to identify problems, Implement solutions and report problems in order to avoid recurrence.
  • We are always committed to a system of which always have the continuous Improvement to create a Competitive atmosphere for the customers and ourselves. We will constantly strive to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • We are maintaining an integrated Quality and Safety Management System comply with accepted international standards.
  • We always offering highest value on integrity, best service to our customers and respect for people and the environment.

We are maintaining two Rigs

Rig ZJ30/1700 CZ (Hataf)
Make: EEC
Horse Power: 1050
Drilling Depth: ~ 3,000 m
Rig ZJ40/2250DB (Zulfiqar)
Make: EEC
Horse Power: 1475
Drilling Depth: ~ 4,000 m

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