Visions and Strategic Plans

Our Vision

To own and operate a high-quality fleet of land drilling rigs in active drilling markets, and positions ourselves to maximize rig utilization and day rates and to enhance shareholder value. We intend to continue making additions to our drilling fleet.

Our Values


We applied and maintain high ethical standards and demand through Code of Conducts in our dealings with market competitors, customers, partners and each other.

Code of Conducts

Our Code of Conduct is organized around our commitments to ethical behavior and compliance with the local and market practice laws.

To Everyone – We commit to conduct business in an ethical manner and to obey the local and market practice laws.

To Our Investors – We commit to safeguard our assets, to maintain strong internal controls and accurate financial records and to provide timely information and reports related to our business to the investors, financial institutions, government departments, etc.

To Our Employees – We commit to provide in house and external training opportunities and a safe guard on the job places and best work environment where all employees are treated with respect.

To Our Customers – We commit to deliver professional and high quality performance and to uphold our strong reputation within our Oil & gas market. Where ever we are working, we commit to protect the environment and to respect local laws and traditions.

Best Service to Our Customers

We try to prove with our work that we are helpful to our customers and provide successful results through our best and professional service.

Protect the People, the Environment and the Law

We work in a manner that protects safe guard and to apply our QHSE POLICIES for the health and well-being of the individual and the environment.

We are maintaining two Rigs

Rig ZJ30/1700 CZ (Hataf)
Make: EEC
Horse Power: 1050
Drilling Depth: ~ 3,000 m
Rig ZJ40/2250DB (Zulfiqar)
Make: EEC
Horse Power: 1475
Drilling Depth: ~ 4,000 m

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