Dewan Drilling Limited’s Commitment

Dewan Drilling provides drilling services are valuable in the Pakistan economy, and in doing so, we conduct our business in a manner that to provide safe and secure services to our customers, protects the communities and safe guard the environment at work places. The health and safety of our employees and their families, our neighbors and the communities where we operate are among the highest priorities for our company. Safety and environmental responsibility are an integral part of our scope of work, and these values drive improved quality in every aspect of our operations.

Dewan drilling Company’s commitments to comply with all relative health, safety and environmental (HSE) laws and develop, protected and feasible operating procedures, technologies and policies. In addition, Every employee of Dewan drilling has commitment to follow HSE procedures and practices for best achievement in operations.

Quality and Safety Management System

Company operate and perform under the Dewan Drilling Company Quality and Safety Management System.  It is our vision for operations and HSE management. Below mention policies enhance and support the company’s management process for drilling operations, corrective & preventive actions, supplier qualification, and preventive maintenance. Dewan Drilling Company regularly maintains and updates its QMSE documents to ensure and conform to his seriousness and to prove his best practices and customer requirements in the drilling industry.

QMSE Documents

Quality Policy

We have a slogan “Quality a Benchmark” because we have strong belief that quality is forefront of DDL business aiming to achieve client requirements and satisfaction. It is a joint partnership approach form management to workforce to ensure that DDL drilling services are synonymous with the word ‘Quality’. We recognize that the quality, motivation and performance of our employees are the key factors in achieving our success.

Key quality expectations of management are as to:

  • Strive with full capabilities to comply with agreed client drilling plans.
  • Manage well drilling activities as a project
  • Provide persistent leadership and commitment to shift crews development
  • Take an active approach and understand the level of client satisfaction.
  • Ensure availability of resources to achieve customer requirements.
  • Compliance with all applicable regulatory & statutory requirements.
  • Development, implementation & continuous improvement through QMS.

Key quality expectations of supervisors

  • Identify any work problems or potential problems & put in immediate notice to management and provide experience related solutions if possible.
  • Monitor the work and safety of crew shifts. Provide encouragement and motivation to crew team to achieve daily work goals and objectives.
  • Continuously inspect work area, equipment and create ongoing awareness of work in progress.
  • Identify and have available required tools, equipment & SOP to do the job.
  • Report on any failures, nonconformities, irregularities, concerns to management.
  • Promote continual improvement of work activities to enhance efficiency.

Key quality expectations of other employees

  • Perform your work in a professional manner and on time.
  • Attend all required shift meetings (tool box etc) and be constructive.
  • Follow all approved checklists and written instructions.
  • Work closely with other crew members and supervisor to get the job done.
  • Constantly be aware of your surroundings and work safely and efficiently. Report all problems to supervisor immediately, stop any unsafe practice.

Safety Policy

“Our employees are our true assets” is the belief of DDL management. DDL Management and supervisors will be accountable for carrying out operations in safe manner at all times by acknowledging that all personnel of DDL shall make safety their prime consideration; no job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it in a safe manner. Through this, DDL management shall ensure that;

  • Safety is every employee’s responsibility
  • An incident and injury free workplace is achievable within DDL.
  • All incidents will be reported and investigated.
  • Every DDL employee has not compromised on any matter which constitutes a hazard to the life and health of any person.
  • Every DDL employee has the authority to report any operation, which may present a hazard to the environment or to surrounding communities.

To enforce our safety concept, DDL has successfully embraced two key aspects; STOP program and Safety Leadership Training.

  1. Safety Training observation program (STOP). STOP training is a process designed to encourage safe behaviors and eliminate unsafe acts. DDL recognized that the majority of incidents are related to behaviors. The STOP process is a tool that all rig personnel can use to observe activities and intervene when they feel the safety is at risk.
  2. Safety Leadership Training. DDL recognizes that Supervisors plan a key role in maintaining an injury free workplace. To support these key people DDL has planned to provide training in Safety Leadership to groom key personnel in understanding the company philosophy and deliver expectations.

Health & Cleanliness Policy

DDL propagates the philosophy at all levels that healthy lifestyles provide a framework for us to achieve success and enjoy life. To achieve these goals, we should first take care of our personal well being then the area we live and work in.

Hygiene: It is combined responsibility of each individual to maintain high standards of hygiene. All infectious medical conditions must be reported to site Doctor. All personnel returning from work shift shall take a thorough shower and wash until clean & handover odor ridden overalls to laundry.

Health: It is the responsibility of all personnel to report to Rig Doctor if anybody is sick. It is the responsibility of all personnel who are feeling sick, either through symptoms or effects, to report to their immediate supervisor and consult rig Doctor.

Grooming: Employees must ensure they are in neat, groomed and tailored environment. Any physical condition shall not be allowed that may jeopardize safety.

House keeping: All rig personnel shall ensure that their immediate work environment is kept in an acceptable state, which includes clean, neat and orderly as possible. Supervisors shall lead by example in ensuring work and non-work spaces are acceptably kept.

Health & Hygiene Inspection: Rig Tool Pusher along with Rig HSE Officer shall schedule periodic visits to ensure that both work and camp area have best possible house keeping. Inspection report shall be issued to Management with recommendations for improvements.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

It is the protocol of DDL to maintain a work environment that is safe, conductive to high levels of performance and in conformance with company standards for all employees. As part of this protocol the following items and substances are prohibited on DDL’s and its customers or in possession of employees of DDL or its subcontractors at any location while performing assigned duties for DDL.

DDL employees may possess and use over the counter and prescription medication on DDL facilities provided that, the prescription medication has been prescribed by licensed physician for the person possessing or using the medication. All medication is kept in the original container. Upon arrival at any DDL location, facility or Rig, all medication must be check in to the medical person for assessment. DDL reserves the right to determine which items and substances are prohibited under this protocol.

Entry upon DDL or its clients property, any vehicle used in transporting persons to or from DDL and its client’s facilities is conditioned upon the right by DDL and its customers or their representatives to search all persons and their possessions for any items and substances prohibited by DDL or as may be prohibited by various of its customers. From time to time and without prior notice, DDL authorized by various representatives may conduct searches for prohibited items, contraband and illegal substances of anyone at any place while they are performing assigned duties for DDL.

These searches may include, but are not limited to, offices, desk, personal possessions, luggage, clothing lockers, and living quarters. When appropriate, prohibited items and substances discovered during these searches may be retained by DDL, reported and released to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Violation of the above, or refusal to submit to such a search, will be just cause for DDL employee’s appropriate disciplinary action.

Code of Conduct Policy

On the rig or in the office, we are all one team working together to achieve success. All DDL management and employees are direct reflection on the DDL organization. All DDL personnel shall act in a professional, responsible and respectful manner appropriate to the existing environment. The following are examples of unacceptable behavior:

  • Fighting, scuffing, physical body contact.
  • Willful destruction of non-personal property
  • Removal of any DDL property/ material without authorization.
  • Non-work related loud conversation or laughter which may disturb others.
  • Complaints of excessively loud personal A/V equipment (radio, TV etc)
  • Unprofessional behavior of a DDL representative in presence of the client.
  • Personal harassment in any way
  • Unauthorized posting of personal views other than business.
  • Abusive language, and threatening staff or other DDL contractors and business associates.

Such examples of unacceptable behavior will result in an appropriate disciplinary action. Behavior of self-disciplined personnel shows both respect and concern for others.

Environmental Policy

DDL aims to fully understand the impacts that all of its operations have, or could potentially have on the environment in which they are conducted. Through this understanding DDL will adopt and implement a range of environmental management techniques to maximize the optimal outcomes for all interested parties.

Any DDL operation will maintain all parties set standards on HSE. All DDL projects will meet or exceed the minimal standards established by the environmental legislation, regulations or recognized industry standards, which prescribe Geophysical Prospecting conduct.

In addition, DDL will:

  • Train workforces and encourage environmental awareness at all levels.
  • Establish both personnel and management environmental responsibilities.
  • Implement accountability environmental protection programs.
  • Monitor all DDL environmental procedures and standards.
  • Require contractors to apply regulatory measures and to adopt environmentally sound working practices.
  • Develop emergency plans and procedures to respond efficiently to environmental incidents.
  • Ensure that all personnel (both employees and contractors) are appropriately trained in their specific response duties.

DDL remains committed to achieving excellence through the continual improvement of its environmental practices

We are maintaining two Rigs

Rig ZJ30/1700 CZ (Hataf)
Make: EEC
Horse Power: 1050
Drilling Depth: ~ 3,000 m
Rig ZJ40/2250DB (Zulfiqar)
Make: EEC
Horse Power: 1475
Drilling Depth: ~ 4,000 m

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