Technical Strength

Dewan Drilling Limited (DDL) in terms of staff, equipments, tools and in safety and security is well placed to offer a highly quality services and wide range of expertise to its customers. In addition, we can obtain equipment and rigs at short notice. Together our companies can execute joint high-caliber contracts.

Being entrant in this highly specialized industry, we have engaged services of some of the most experienced professionals from the drilling industry. We are maintaining highly qualify, experience and professional crew under the supervision of Director Drilling who has over 50 years experience in petroleum Industry.

Presently, Dewan Drilling Company is maintaining two Rigs along with essential accessories, spares, tools. Fishing tools, etc.

1-Rig ZJ30/1700 CZ (Hataf) 2-Rig ZJ40/2250DB (Zulfiqar)
Make: EEC Make: EEC
Horse Power: 1050 Horse Power: 1475
Drilling Depth: ~ 3,000 m Drilling Depth: ~ 4,000 m

Mian Ghafur Kausar (Director Drilling)


Mian Ghafur Kuasar is working with Company since 2004. He has over 50 years experience in Petroleum Industry. From 1965 to 1980, he worked as Driller, Tool Pusher and Operations Manager in OGDCL, Pakistan and drilled more than 50 wells including deep wells during his professional career stay with Mari Gas Company Limited. He worked abroad in Bore Master Co. Kuwait / Bore master Saudi Arabia from 1980 to 1992. In 1993, he joined Mari Gas Company Ltd. as Drilling Consultant. He left Mari Gas Limited as a field Manager. He completed an ambitious drilling program in record time in most economic manner. Thereafter, he joined Dewan Petroleum (Private) Limited as GM (Operations) in June 2004 and remained involved in planning and deepening the existing two old wells previously drilled in 1986 and 1973 – 74 by OGDCL. These wells were successfully completed as producers which were professionally considered to be extremely challenging. He has designed drilling programmed for Dewan-5 development well and finalized various equipment & services contracts for the well.

Mian Ghafur Kausar has professional training and experiences in Drill bit technology, SCR electric system, Oilfield courses, Accident prevention courses, Master mechanic courses, Oil well drilling drive system, fishing jobs, Oil well drilling technology and other hole complications, etc. During his career deal and visit the multinational companies for the purchasing, contracting and technology assessment like Emsco, Pyramid, Cameron, Drillco, Stewart & Stevenson, Martin Decker, etc.

Rig ZJ 30/1700 CZ (Hataf)
Rig ZJ 40/2250DB (Zulfiqar)

We are maintaining two Rigs

Rig ZJ30/1700 CZ (Hataf)
Make: EEC
Horse Power: 1050
Drilling Depth: ~ 3,000 m
Rig ZJ40/2250DB (Zulfiqar)
Make: EEC
Horse Power: 1475
Drilling Depth: ~ 4,000 m

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